Error:- NON Defined IMS exception in CUPS 8.x


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Jul 30th, 2012
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This document describes ways to troubleshoot errors in CUPS 8.x


NON Defined IMS exception

When you attempt to sign into the Cisco Unified Presence Administration interface, a "NON Defined IMS exception" error message displays.

This error message displays on the subscriber node of a two node cluster when you perform the following steps:-

1. Change the LDAP credentials on Cisco Unified Communications Manager from `SSL enabled' to `non SSL enabled' and change the port number from 636 to 383.

2. Restart the Cisco UP XCP Router service on the subscriber node.

The error message displays because the database lookup table for the LDAP authentication returns a null value. This is due to a database replication issue on the subscriber node.

In order to resolve this error Sign into the Cisco Unified Presence Administration interface, and restart the Cisco UP Sync Agent and the Cisco UP XCP Router services.

Issue with Intercluster Deployment

You cannot add a contact in an intercluster deployment.This condition typically occurs when the isrftrunkmeshpoint setting that controls intercluster deployment is set to false.

In order to resolve this error follow the below steps:-

Run the following CLI command on the publisher node in each cluster to verify if the isrftrunkmeshpoint setting is correct:

admin:run sql select isrftrunkmeshpoint from processnode where systemnode='f'

If any value returned is 'f', run the following command to correct this:

admin:run sql update processnode set isrftrunkmeshpoint='t' where systemnode='f'

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