Rule Coverage for CVE-2012-4681: Bypassing Built-in Java Security


Fri, 07/11/2014 - 10:07
Jul 7th, 2014
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CVE 2012-4681: Bypassing Built-in Java Security


Detail information on this exploit is available on the Sourcefire VRT Blog webpage:

How to Address This Vulnerability


Install the Minimum SEU/SRU

To verify whether you have coverage for this vulnerability you must confirm that you have the SEU or SRU greater than or equal to the version/date below installed and applied:

  • SEU 692
  • SRU 2012-08-28


Enable Appropriate Snort Rules

Also, verify that SIDs 1:24018 through 1:24027 are enabled within your intrusion policy to either generate events, or to drop and generate events.



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