Selection of a Device Driver for a Cisco Device on Cisco OnPlus Portal


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Apr 26th, 2016
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A device driver controls and runs a device which is attached to the computer. Cisco Devices in the OnPlus sometimes cannot be identified automatically because identifiable discovery is not supported or the discovery protocols in them are disabled due to security reasons. If such a device is supported by OnPlus, but is not identified automatically, the device can be identified when the device driver is chosen for that device.

The following configurations need to be done for this configuration to be complete.

1. Provide Login Access, please refer to the article Login Access Setup for a Device on Cisco OnPlus Portal for this configuration.
2. Enable Access Credentials, please refer to the article Enable Access Setup for a Cisco IOS Device on Cisco OnPlus Portal for this configuration.
3. If the user chooses the SNMP Device Drivers, enable SNMP and provide SNMP Access credentials. Please refer to the article Configure Simple Netwrok Managemnet Protocol (SNMP) Access on OnPlus100 for this configuration.
4. Choose a Device Driver for the Device, which is covered in this article.

This article explains the steps on how to configure device drivers on the OnPlus 100. This configuration is applicable for all devices connected to an OnPlus like switches, access points, and so on.

Applicable Devices

• ON100

Software Version

• v7.6.2.038

Selection of a Device Driver for a Cisco OnPlus Device

Step 1. Log in to Cisco OnPlus Portal, click the desired customer, and choose Dashboard.

Step 2. Move the mouse over the desired device from the Network Topology view and click Device Information icon. The Settings window appears.

Step 3. Click the Credentials tab. A new page opens.

Step 4. Click Device Driver. The Device Driver page opens.

Step 5. Choose the desired device for which a device driver is required from the Select device driver drop-down list. It shows a list of all supported Cisco devices.

Note: Cisco devices which are discovered automatically will have the message “A driver has been discovered for this device, and is in use” displayed. Cisco devices which are not discovered may appear as Unknown Devices in the Network Topology or Device Listing view of the customer, and the message “Unable to automatically identify the appropriate driver for this device” will be displayed.

Step 6. Click OK to save the configuration.



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