Configuration of Primary File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server on the Cisco WVC210 Internet Camera


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Apr 26th, 2016
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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files between computer systems. FTP allows users to send/receive files to/from a remote FTP server. 

The objective of this document is to explain how to access files remotely from a primary FTP server on the Cisco WVC210 internet video camera using the configuration utility.

Applicable Devices

• WVC210 Internet Video Camera

Primary FTP Configuration

Step 1. Choose Setup > Applications > FTP using the configuration utility of the WVC210 internet camera.

Step 2. Check the Enable Primary FTP to enable the primary FTP server.


Step 3. Enter the IP address or the host name of the primary FTP server in the FTP Server field.

Step 4. Enter the port number of the primary FTP server in the Port field.

Note: The default port number is 21.

Step 5. Enter the login name of the primary FTP server in the Login Name field and the associated password in the Password field.

Step 6. Check the Enable Passive Mode to have a secure data transfer.

Note: In Passive Mode FTP the client (user) establishes the data connection with the FTP server to send/receive files. Passive Mode FTP ensures that the files are retrieved from the secured network rather than from the WAN.

Step 7. Enter the name of the file path in the File Path Name field.

Step 8. Click Save to save the settings.



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