Troubleshoot Make/Receive Calls on PAP2T Phone Adapter


Fri, 07/08/2016 - 11:40
Apr 26th, 2016
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The objective of this document is to troubleshoot or find the problem if calls could not be made or received using the PAP2T phone adapter. This documents explains the steps that can be implemented to find the problem and solve it.

Applicable Devices

• PAP2T Phone Adapter

Troubleshoot Make/Receive Calls.

Step 1. Check if the Username, Password and Proxy Server Information are correctly inserted for the settings.

Step 2. Check the Registration Status on the device. If the status is online, check the next device in topology connected to PAP2T.

Step 3. First, make the PAP2T run on default port settings. Add port forwarding on the device connected next to PAP2T in the network topology. Add port forwarding for port 5060 to port 5080 and port 10000 to port 20000 on the device connected next to PAP2T for PAP2T's IP address.

Step 4. Disable the SIP on PAP2T. Enable it again. If after all these steps the problem is not solved and the registration status for the device is online then contact the telephone service provider.



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