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Camera Maintenance Settings on PVC300 PTZ Internet Camera


Thu, 07/07/2016 - 03:52
Apr 26th, 2016
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This document explains how to configure maintenance settings on PVC300 PTZ Internet Camera device.

Applicable Devices

  • PVC300

Maintenance Settings

Note: These steps are not required to be completed in order

Step 1. In the Web Configuration Utility, choose Setup > Setup > Maintenance. The Maintenance page opens:

Step 2. Click Export to export the configuration file to your computer.

Step 3. Click Choose File to import the configuration file to restore lost setups from your computer and then click Upload.

Step 4. Click Restore to reset all settings to the factory defaults. A confirmation message will appear.

Note: The Network Type setting on the network page cannot be reset.

Step 5. Click Restore to restore the factory default settings. Any changes made so far will be lost and the system will be reset to the initial factory settings. The system will restart and require the installer program to set up the network again.

Step 6. Click Restart to restart the camera.

Step 7. Click Calibrate to immediately re-calibrate the home position to the default center to recover the tolerance caused by some external forces.



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