Configuration of Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Snooping on RVL200 VPN Routers


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Apr 26th, 2016
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Multicast traffic of a group entering inside the router is treated as a broadcast traffic and forwarded to all ports of the router. IGMP snooping performs filtering mechanism that is enabled in the router to forward the multicast traffic of a group only to the ports that has joined the group. Thus with IGMP snooping, traffic on the network is reduced and enhancement in the performance of hosts behind the router is possible.

This article explains how to configure IGMP Snooping on RVL200 VPN router.

Applicable Device

• RVL200

Configuration of IGMP Snooping

Step 1. Use the router configuration utility to choose System Management > IGMP Snooping. The IGMP Snooping page opens.

Step 2. Check the Enable IGMP Snooping box in order to enable IGMP snooping.

Step 3. Set the timeout value in seconds. The timeout value indicates the time interval for IGMP broadcasting packet to travel from the IGMP server to the the IGMP clients behind a specific port of the router. The default timeout interval is 248 seconds.

Step 3. Click Save Settings to apply changes.



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