Support Information of a Device Using the PLG1000


Fri, 07/08/2016 - 09:10
Apr 26th, 2016
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This document describes how to look at the Support information for a device on the network. Contract details covering a device can be found here also.

Applicable Devices

• PLG1000

Step-by-Step Instructions

You must be logged in to Cisco OnPlus Portal and be able to select the desired customer's network.

Network Topology Icon

Additional Information

Step 1. Hovering your mouse over the device icon in the Network Topology section of the PLG1000 Graphical User Interface will bring up additional options.

Device Information

Step 2. Click the Device Information icon to bring up the Device Information Window.


Step 3. Click the Support tab.

The Support Contract Status will now be displayed for the device.

Support Contract Status



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