Port Statistics on WET200


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Apr 26th, 2016
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Being able to see the statistics and certain port settings are necessary in maintaining the device. This document describes how to get to the Port Statistics page and what information can be found there.

Applicable Devices

• WET200


Step 1. Using the Configuration Utility of WET200, choose Status > Port Statistics. The Port Statistics window opens.

Port Statistics


• Port — Displays all of the ports on the device.
• Link — Shows the status of link of each port.
• Duplex — Shows the Duplex speed of each port.
• Speed — Displays the speed of each port on the device.
• Rx Packets — Displays the current receiving/incoming number of packets for each port.
• Tx Packets — Displays the current transmitting/outgoing number of packets for each port.

Please note that there is a Refresh button on the page immediately following all of the displayed information. You may click this button in order to refresh the information currently showing on the page.



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