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Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) VLAN Mapping on SFE/SGE Managed Switches


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Apr 26th, 2016
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Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is a terminal and the associated equipment at the user premises which is connected to the telecommunication channel of the service provider. The Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Multiplexer has multiple access ports which facilitates the user to have different broadband services like video, high-speed Internet, etc. In order to differentiate various services, each service is associated with a unique VLAN. Thus it is required to map CPE VLAN to the multicast TV VLAN.

This article explains how to map CPE VLANs to Multicast TV VLANs.

Applicable Devices

• SFE/SGE Series Switches

Software Version

• v3.0.2.0


Note: A port has to be configured as a member of Multicast TV VLAN before you proceed with the CPE VLAN. For more information go through the article titled Configuration of VLAN Interface Settings on SFE/SGE Managed Switches.

Step 1. Log in to the web configuration utility and choose Bridging > VLAN Management > CPE VLAN Mapping. The CPE VLAN Mapping page opens:


Step 2. Click Add to add CPE VLAN to Multicast VLAN. The Add CPE VLAN Mapping page opens.

Step 3. Enter the required CPE VLAN ID value in the CPE VLAN field. 

Step 4. Enter the required Multicast TV VLAN ID value which needs to be mapped with CPE VLAN in the Multicast TV VLAN field.

Step 5. Click Apply to save these settings. The CPE VLAN Mapping page opens and the newly added mapping is displayed.

Caution: This only saves your configuration to the running configuration file. This means any changes made will be lost if the device is rebooted. If you wish to save these changes even after a system reboot, you need to copy the running configuration file to the startup configuration file. See Copy Configuration File on SFE/SGE Series Managed Switches for more information on how to do this.



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