Factory Reset on SPA302D Handset


Fri, 07/08/2016 - 15:10
Apr 26th, 2016
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This article explains how to revert back to factory default settings on SPA302D mobility enhanced handset.

Caution: Factory reset removes all the data in the handset such as contacts, speed dials and call records. The handset will be restored to the original factory software state. However, the handset registration will not be altered.

Applicable Device

• SPA302D Handset

Software Version

• v2.31

Perform Factory Reset

Step 1. On the home screen, press the Select button to choose the Call Settings icon. The selection will be highlighted with a black outline as shown in the above image.


Step 2. On the Settings menu, choose Call Preferences with the use of up and down navigation buttons and press the Select button.


Step 3. Call preferences allows you to tweak following features. Use left and right navigation buttons to toggle the status of each feature.

• Do Not Disturb —Turn On this feature if you do not want to receive incoming calls. The incoming calls will not be displayed in the call history also.

• Call Waiting —Turn On this feature if you want the SPA302D to receive a second incoming call while on a call session. The user can put the current call on hold and attend the second call or can ignore the second call. The user will be notified with a beep tone at the time of second incoming call.

• Block Caller ID —Turn On this feature if you want to hide your caller ID information when a call is placed.

• Block Anonym Call —Turn On this feature if you want to block incoming calls without caller ID information.


Step 4. Press the Save softkey (left softkey button) to save the selection.



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