Clear Configuration Files on WAP551 and WAP561 Access Points


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Apr 26th, 2016
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Configuration files are cleared because when a test is performed the files may get corrupted, in which case the AP needs to revert back to the configuration that works. 

This article explains how to clear configuration files such as Startup and Backup configuration files on the WAP551 and WAP561 Access Points.

Applicable Devices

• WAP551
• WAP561

Software Version

• v1.0.4.2

Configuration Files Properties

Step 1. Log in to the web configuration utility and choose Administration > Configuration Files Properties. The Configuration Files Properties page opens:

The Configuration File Table displays the following fields.

• Configuration File Name — The name of the configuration file.

• Creation Time — The time the configuration file was created.

Step 2. Check the desired configuration to be cleared in the Configuration File Table.

Step 3. Click Clear Files to clear the Configuration file. A confirmation window appears.

Step 4. Click OK in the confirm window and the configuration file is deleted.

Note: If Startup Configuration file is cleared, the Backup Configuration file becomes active the next time when the WAP is rebooted. The Running Configuration file cannot be cleared. If the Backup Configuration file is cleared, then to create a new backup file refer article Backup/Download Configuration File on WAP551 and WAP561 Access Points.



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