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URL Filtering on RVS4000


Sat, 07/09/2016 - 10:10
Apr 26th, 2016
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Access restriction is used to revoke permission to access a particular website by a particular IP. Here, IP address will access all webpages on the internet except for a particular website (www.wp.pl).

Applicable Devices

• RVS4000

URL Filtering

Step 1. In the router configuration utility, choose Firewall > Internet Access Policy . The Internet Access Policy page opens:

Step 2. Choose the desired policy number from the Internet Access Policy drop-down list.

Step 3. Set the status option to Enable in order to enable the policy.

Step 4. Enter a policy name in the provided field.

Step 5. Click Edit List of PCs to select the PCs that will be affected by the policy. You can either choose a PC by it's MAC address or by the IP address in the List of PC's popup.

Step 6. Check the firmware version under the Information area by navigating to Status > Gateway to see it is running the latest version because sometimes the policy may not be effective in older versions.

Step 7. In the command prompt, type ipconfig and confirm that the IP address that needs to be added is This is done to make sure the user restricts only this particular IP to restrict access to the website (www.wp.pl).

Step 8. After clicking Edit List of PCs, enter the IP address ( in the Enter the IP Address of the PCs section.

Step 9. After making the necessary changes, click Save to apply the changes in the Edit List of PCs page.

Step 10. In the Access Restriction field, let it be Allow by default.

Step 11. (Optional) If you click Deny, it will deny the internet access for all websites.

Step 12. Under the Schedule section, check the check box corresponding to particular days to apply the policy and click on the specific time it needs to be active.

Note: In case the schedule needs to be all days around the clock, check Everyday in the Days field and click 24 Hours in the Time field.

Step 13. Under Website Blocking by URL Address enter the URL ( in this case www.wp.pl) that needs to be blocked when IP tries to access it.

Step 14. Click Save to save all the configuration settings.

The above image shows that can access other websites but not the website www.wp.pl.



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