VPN Tunnel Setup on WRV210


Fri, 07/08/2016 - 19:10
Apr 26th, 2016
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This document explains how to create and configure Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel to connect two different networks in two different locations using IPSec VPN.

Applicable Devices

• WRV210 Wireless-G Routers

VPN Tunnel Setup on WRV210 Router

Step 1. Using the Web-based Setup page for the WRV210, choose VPN > IPSec VPN.

• Tunnel Entry — Choose a Tunnel from the drop-down list to configure.By default 5 tunnels can be configured.

• VPN Tunnel —Click Enabled to enable the tunnel or click Disabled to disable the tunnel .

• Tunnel Name — Enter the name of the tunnel.

• NAT-Traversal — NAT-Traversal is used to connect IPSec tunnels with the remote peers behind the NAT devices.Click Enabled to connect the remote peer which is behind the NAT device, when NAT-Traversal is enabled the Remote Secure Group and Remote Secure Gateway must be set to Any or click Disabled to disable if there is no remote peer behind the NAT device.

Step 2. Click Advanced Settings a window pops up ,which allows to configure the remote peers manually and allow automatically.

Step 3. Click Save to apply changes or click Cancel to undo changes.



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