Server Message Block/Common Internet File System(SMB/CIFS) Settings of WVC210


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Apr 26th, 2016
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This article explains about Server Message Block/Common Internet File System (SMB/CIFS) application. The SMB/CIFS allows the camera to record directly into a Network Attach Storage (NAS) device. There is no need to connect to a computer and to keep the computer active all the time.

Applicable Devices

• WVC210 Internet Camera

SMB/CIFS Settings

Step 1. Using web based configuration utility, choose Setup > Application > SMB/CIFS.

• Enable SMB/CIFS Recording — When checked, starts file recording and uploading to NAS device. The TCP/IP Protocol installed in NAS device is used for file transfer.

• SMB/CIFS Server — Enter the server hostname or IP address of NAS device (SMB/CIFS host server).

• Login Name — Enter the login name for the NAS device.

• Password — Enter password for the NAS device.

• Upload Path — Enter the folder name to upload video to the NAS device.

• Maximum Size of Each File — Enter the maximum upload size of each file to upload to the NAS device. The maximum size is 10MB.

• Enable adding timestamp to the files — Enabled by default. A timestamp is added to each recorded file and there will be multiple recorded files. Older files will not be over-written and size of the recording continuously grows. If disabled, the first video image is timestamped, any image saved thereafter will not be timestamped.

Step 2. Click Save to save the settings.



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