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Firewall Filtering on the SRP520 Series Wireless Broadband Router


Sat, 07/09/2016 - 14:10
Apr 26th, 2016
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This article explains how to configure firewall filtering on the SRP520 series wireless broadband router. Firewall filtering is done to block access to certain content and programs on the Internet.

Applicable Devices

• SRP520 series

Step by Step Procedure

             Step 1. In the Service Ready Platform Configuration Utility, log in as an administrator and choose Network Setup > Firewall Filter .


Step 2. In the Firewall Filter page, under the Firewall section click on the Enabled radio button to enable SPI Firewall Protection. SPI is Stateful Packet Inspection which reviews the data packets coming in the network more thoroughly.

Step 3. Check the Filter Anonymous Internet Requests checkbox to disable your network from being pinged or detected by other Internet users. Uncheck the box if you would like to allow anonymous Internet requests.

Step 4. Check the Filter Internet NAT Redirection checkbox to filter Internet NAT redirection. It uses port forwarding to block access to local servers from the local networked computers.

Step 5. Check the Filter IDENT (Port 113) checkbox so that devices outside the local network cannot access port 113. IDENT protocol is an Internet protocol that is used to identify users of a particular TCP connection.

Step 6. Check the Filter DOS Attack checkbox so that Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are disabled.

Step 7. In the Web Filter section, check the Proxy checkbox to deny access to any WAN proxy servers.

Step 8. Check the Java checkboxto deny access to web pages that have java enabled features.

Step 9. Check the ActiveX checkboxto deny access to web pages that have ActiveX enabled features.

Step 10. Check the Cookies checkboxto prevent the storage of cookies for websites to use.

Step 11. Click Submit to Save all changes. Click Cancel to reset the page.



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