Configuration of 802.1p to Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Remarking on SA500 Cisco Security Appliances


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Apr 26th, 2016
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802.1p is the mechanism which provides eight different classes of service to network traffic. DSCP is the field in IP packet that enables different types of services. Configuration of DSCP Remarking allows to assign priorities for eight different services provided by 802.1p.

This document explains how to configure DSCP remarking on  the CISCO SA540 device.

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Configuration of DSCP Remarking

Step 1. Using the Security Appliance configuration Utility, choose Networking > 802.1p > DSCP Remarking.

DSCP remarking displays eight priority fields from Priority 0 to Priority 7.

• Priority 0  —  Background.

• Priority 1  —  Best Effort.

• Priority 2  —  Excellent Effort.

• Priority 3  —  Critical Applications.

• Priority 4  —  Video.

• Priority 5  —  Voice.

• Priority 6  —  Internetwork Control

• Priority 7  —  Network Control.

Step 2.  Enter the  priority value ranges from 0 to 7 in the appropriate Priority fields. The lowest priority value is 0 and the highest priority value is 7.

Step 3. Click Apply to save the changes. Click Reset to revert the changes.



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