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Reset Factory Defaults via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) on SPA8000 Analog Telephone Adapter


Thu, 07/07/2016 - 03:52
Apr 26th, 2016
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A factory reset is an entire reset of a device to factory defaults. It eliminates all custom configurations. This is useful when you want to remove all configurations stored on a device, troubleshoot errors, or start off with a device like new. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)  is a voice response activated on the SPA8000 to configure specific setups desired by the user. IVR is an alternative to the web Graphic User Interface (GUI). The objective of this document is to reset a SPA8000 to factory defaults by the use of the IVR system.

Applicable Device

  • SPA8000

Software Version

  • 6.1.12

Reset to Factory Defaults via IVR 

Step 1. Connect an analog phone to one of the eight available voice lines on a SPA8000.

Step 2. Access the IVR by pressing the asterisk key four times (i.e. ****) on the keypad of the analog phone. The IVR is initiated and you hear the voice prompt give instructions.

Step 3. Press the appropriate codes on the keypad of the analog phone to navigate the IVR.

  • Press 73738 (R-E-S-E-T)# to perform a full reset of unit to the factory default settings. The Admin account password will be reset to the default of blank.
  • Press 877778# to reset the unit to the defaults as it shipped from the service provider. This code will reset the User account password to the default of blank.

Step 4. After the code is entered in to the IVR; press 1 on the phone to confirm the operation, otherwise press * to cancel the operation. When 1 is pressed, you will hear "Option Successful". Hang up the phone and the SPA8000 phone adapter will reboot and all settings will be reset to their defaults.

Note: By default, both user and admin account have no passwords when you access SPA8000 via the web configuration utility.



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