Advanced Routing: IPv6 Dynamic Routing Configuration on RV082


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Apr 26th, 2016
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The dynamic routing feature can be used to allow the router to automatically adjust to physical changes in the network’s layout. Using the dynamic RIP protocol, the Router calculates the most efficient route for the network’s data packets to travel between the source and the destination based upon the shortest paths. The RIP protocol regularly broadcasts routing information to other routers on the network. It determines the route that the network packets take based on the fewest number of hops between the source and the destination.

This document explains how to configure IPv6 dynamic routing on RV082.

Applicable Devices

• RV082

Advanced Routing- IPv6 Dynamic Routing Configuration on RV082

Step 1. Use the Router Configuration Utility to choose Setup > Advanced Routing > IPv6 . The Advanced Routing page opens.

Step 2. Check Enable RIPng to enable RIP route.

Step 3. Click Save settings in order to apply changes.



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