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View Log Files on C20 TelePresence System


Fri, 07/08/2016 - 15:10
Jul 7th, 2016
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Log files are used to track the events or operations occurred on the device. Logs can be user created operations, default system operations and application specific operations. This article explains how to view log files on C20 TelePresence System.

Applicable Devices

• C20 TelePresence System

View Log Files

Step 1. Use the web configuration utility to choose Diagnostics > Log Files.


Note: You can either view appropriate logs or view all logs for each login session. Historical log files are tar formatted compressed archives which has all the log files in a single archive. Tar is a compression format like zip and rar.

Step 2. To view current log on the device, click on the appropriate log file which you want to view.

For instance, click eventlog/audio0.log if you want to view the audio operations and settings that have been made related to audio.

The log files will be displayed promptly.

Step 3. To view an archive log for an specific login session click on the appropriate log of interest under Historical Logs area. For instance, to view log files for the latest session, click log.tar.gz.

Note: You can also view the latest log file archive by clicking Download all log files as bundle (tar.gz format). 



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