CUCM 11 Video Conference / Transcode - Deprecated using PVDM


Tue, 02/07/2017 - 14:06
Jan 8th, 2017
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An important difference that comes as a surprise to customers/administrators when trying to implement video conferencing on CUCM 11.X is the missing option to use IOS device as a video conference bridge.

Video Conferencing and Transcoding using PVDM3 has been deprecated.

CUCM 10.X 

CUCM 11.X 

Starting Cisco IOS Software Release 15.5(3)M video transcode and video conference dspfarm profiles will not be supported on ISR G2 platform.

Cisco Official Notice

The two changes on CUCM and IOS can be tracked under the following bug IDs respectively CSCuw75908 and CSCus97643.

With the above information being put forward the video conferencing can be achieved via MCU/Conductors.

-Adarsh Chauhan




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