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Cisco 1250/1141N AP displays ghost client sessions with 12.4(25d)JA


Tue, 02/18/2014 - 04:09
Apr 25th, 2013
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Cisco standalone IOS 1252AP has number of SSIDs (MBSSID guest-mode) and one is a public access. It has been noted since the IOS upgrade that the client associations are just growing and growing, and never seem to timeout, even though they are no longer associated, as per the example below:

Problem Category


Problem Subcategory

Cisco Aironet 1250 Series Access Point




Cisco standalone IOS 1252AP/1141N

Problem Description

THEAP#show dot11 associations

802.11 Client Stations on Dot11Radio0:


MAC Address    IP address      Device        Name            Parent         State   

0023.322c.xxxx         unknown       -               self           Assoc  

581f.aa41.xxxx         unknown       -               self           Assoc  

9084.0d2c.xxxx         unknown       -               self           Assoc  

dc2b.615b.xxxx         unknown       -               self           Assoc  

THEAP#show dot11 associations dc2b.615b.xxxx
Address           : dc2b.615b.xxxx     Name             : NONE
IP Address        :            Interface        : Dot11Radio 0
Device            : unknown            Software Version : NONE
CCX Version       : NONE               Client MFP       : Off
State             : Assoc              Parent           : self             
SSID              : Internode                     
VLAN              : 5
Hops to Infra     : 1                
Clients Associated: 0                  Repeaters associated: 0

This only seems to happen on dot110 (b/g) radio, perhaps due to this being a common client. Tried adding the following to see if the default of 60 is broken

dot11 activity-timeout unknown default 70


1141N AP displays ghost client sessions

Symptom:1141N AP running 12.4(25d)JA code displays ghost client sessions . The expired client sessions are not getting removed on AIR-AP1141N-E-K9 and 'show dot11 association all-clients' output displays some of the expired client entries as well. This behavior is seen in customer n/w and particularly on access-points placed in environments (public hotspot solution) with many "unintended" associations e.g. people passing by with smartphones seems to accumulate associations.

Conditions:Wait some time till the ghost clients are associated to AP.

1. clear dot11 client < MAC of client> will clear the particular client.
2. reload the image will clear all the ghost clients.
3. issue "shut" and "no shut" on interface







1141N AP displays ghost client sessions - CSCtl98313


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