How to configure Cisco IOS Easy VPN (server and client mode)


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Jun 22nd, 2009
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This documents shows how to configure Cisco IOS Easy VPN (Server and client mode)

Benefits of using Cisco IOS easy VPN

  1. The Cisco Easy VPN Server feature and the Cisco Software VPN client facilitate scalable remote-access VPNs implementation by using a thick client/thin server model where the main VPN router can shaft thousands of incoming VPN connections.
  2. For simplification of remote-access VPN configurations they both use the same GUI configuration tool.
  3. In order to minimize the CPU overhead of the main VPN router hardware-based encryption is used by them.
  4. The Cisco Easy VPN Server feature permits the Cisco software VPN client to fetch its security policy from the main VPN device. Configuration requirements at remote location for large remote access VPN implementations is reduced by this.


For information on general configuration for Easy VPN on Cisco IOS  Software devices, refer to these documents:

For information on Easy VPN client and server configuration, refer to these documents:



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