How to determine the maximum number of dial-peers that can be configured on a router


Nov 18, 2009 6:27 PM
Jun 22nd, 2009


The dial-peer options are available based on how much memory is available.

As an example, assume each dial-peer consumes 6k of memory, and that the router does not accept new dial-peers at the 80 percent threshold of memory allocation. This formula calculates the available dial-peer options:

(Free Memory * 0.8)/6k = maximum theoretical number of configurable dial-peers

This number represents the upper limit.

These points must also be considered:

  • Check the real amount of free RAM. Consider the real size of the decompressed Cisco IOS  and any additional memory already used.

  • For each platform, it is necessary to calculate the real quantity of memory consumed by each dial-peer.

Caution: More dial-peers can adversely affect the performance of the router.

Issue the show memory command in order to determine the amount of memory that is used.

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