How to search for a user in Times Ten Data Authority Server (TTDAS)


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Jun 22nd, 2009
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To find a user in the TTDAS perform these steps:

  1. Log in as dsuser to the machines where TimesTen (TT) is located for the specific POP to which the user exists.

  2. Navigate to TT install directory. For example, cd /opt/TimesTen/5_0_30/bin directory.

  3. Issue the proper command to get into sql command line for a specific instance. For example, ./ttIsql -connStr DSN="POP_0".

    Type ? or help for help, type exit to quit ttIsql. All commands must end with a semicolon character.

  4. There are three main tables to find a subscriber that exists in the database:


    Command> select * from SIP.NRS_MAPPING where sub_uri='';

    <, 4767269464969809936, 1, 0, KCI ,1109966415, 4228BE520005D627 >

    1 row found.

    Note: The next two commands use the internal_id, which is pulled from the previous command.


    Command> select * from SIP.SUBSCRIBER where internal_id=4767269464969809936;

    < 4767269464969809936, 66feecfe567af0c42f5502f461f272e0, 102,2121112200, 1109966415, 1109966415, 1109966415, 4228BE520005D87F >

    1 row found.


    Command> select * from SIP.REGISTRATIONINFO where internal_id=4767269464969809936;

    < 4767269464969809936, 0, 

The above commands should be issued on both schemas 0,1, and on the primary and buddy POPs.



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