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After an upgrade from Cisco CallManager 3.x, CDRInsert service fails to insert CDRs into the SQL server database, and the user receives the "kErrorCDRServerDown - Error connecting to CDR Database" error message in the Event Viewer


Wed, 07/22/2009 - 19:58
Jun 22nd, 2009
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Core Issue

Some third-party billing software (such as ISI, MDR (Avotus) Switchview,    Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. (MTS), or Veramark), fails to gather the Call Detail Record (CDR)    data to generate billing reports. CDR data is written to the C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallDetails\BAD    directory.

After you upgrade the Cisco CallManager, the database name automatically increments (for example, from Cisco CallManager 3.0 to CallManager 3.1). Third-party CDR software may have Structured Query Language (SQL) triggers that are hard-coded to the original database name. The triggers may point to the previous database name and cause all CDR flat files to write to the bad directory on the publisher's database server.

This is a post-upgrade issue. If third-party vendor software is used and SQL triggers are imbedded in CDR, the problem of the trigger updating to the latest Cisco CallManager database is imminent. It is the responsibility of the third-party software vendor to ensure the trigger is updated.

Note: This issue applies to Cisco CallManager upgrades from 3.1 to 3.2 or 3.3. It also applies to SQL Server 7 and SQL Server 2000.


To resolve this problem, you must edit the trigger (using a text editor) to point to the current name of the database.

Refer to the Solution section of CDRInsert Service Fails to Insert CDRs Into the SQL Server Database After a CallManager Upgrade.

For more information, refer to these Cisco bug IDs:



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