How to disable SSID broadcasting in Cisco Access Point (AP)


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Jun 22nd, 2009


How to disable SSID broadcasting in Cisco Access Point (AP)


The concept of broadcast Service Set Identification (SSID) is referred to as Guest mode in IOS. The access point can have one guest-mode SSID or none at all. The guest-mode SSID is used in beacon frames and response frames to probe requests that specify the empty or wildcard SSID. If no guest-mode SSID exists, the beacon contains no SSID and probe requests with the wildcard SSID are ignored. Disabling the guest mode makes the networks slightly more  secure. Enabling the guest mode helps clients that passively scan (do not transmit) associate with  the access point. It also allows clients configured without a SSID to associate to Access Point.

1. To disable SSID broadcasting in Cisco IOS Software

perform these steps:-

1.  Go to the SSID Manager page.

2.  There is a selection for Guest Mode which is probably checked. To stop SSID from being broadcasted, un-check the Guest Mode.

2. To disable SSID broadcasting in VxWorks

perform these steps:

1.  Go to Setup --> AP Radio Hardware or HW Radio.

2.  Make sure Allow broadcast SSID to associate is not selected. If is it selected, uncheck the option.

The command to dissable the SSID broadcast from CLI is " no guest-mode"

under the interface ssid .Perform these steps to disable SSID broadcast:

1.  AP(config)#interface dot11Radio 0

2.  AP(config-if)#ssid

3.  AP(config-if-ssid)#no guest-mode

For more information on guest-mode (SSID configuration mode), refer to Cisco IOS Commands for Access Points and Bridges:-

For more information on wireless LAN security, refer to the Use of SSID section of Wireless LAN Security White Paper:-

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