How to configure a guest VLAN in a Catalyst switch


Jul 22, 2009 7:51 PM
Jun 22nd, 2009


When you configure a guest VLAN, clients that are not 802.1x-capable are put into the guest VLAN when the server does not receive a response to its EAPOL request/identity frame. Clients that are 802.1x-capable but fail authentication are not granted access to the network. The switch supports guest VLANs in single-host or multiple-hosts mode.

The guest vlan is supported on these switches:

  • Catalyst 29XX series switches
  • Catalyst 35XX series switches
  • Catalyst 3750 series switches
  • Catalyst 4500 series switches
  • Catalyst 6500 running CatOS system software

Note: Catalyst 6500 running Cisco IOS or Native platform does not support guest VLAN and auth-fail VLAN as for now.

Refer to the Configuring a Guest VLAN section of Configuring 802.1x Port-Based Authentication for more information and a step-by-step procedure.

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