How to configure fax pass-through over IP using a Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway running MGCP


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Jun 22nd, 2009
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The VG224 supports fax machines and modems. When using fax machines, the VG224 supports Cisco fax relay, T.38 fax relay, and fax pass-through. Cisco or T.38 fax relay technologies allow the transfer of faxes across the network with high reliability using less bandwidth than a voice call. All modems can be connected to the VG224 and are transferred over the network using modem pass-through.


The configuration of Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) fax pass-through on Cisco voice gateways is similar to the configuration of MGCP VoIP calls. The configuration is done by means of several commands in addition to a standard VoIP configuration. The same configuration must be present on the originating and terminating gateways.

For detailed steps and all the commands, refer to the Configuring Fax Pass-Through section of the Cisco Fax Services over IP Application Guide.



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