How to find the IP address of Cisco devices connected to a Cisco Catalyst switch


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Jun 22nd, 2009
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he show cdp neighbors detail and show cdp entry commands displays additional information about the neighboring devices that include network-layer protocol information and version.

Note: CDP is a Cisco proprietary Layer 2 protocol that is media- and protocol-independent, and runs on all Cisco-manufactured equipment that includes:


  • routers
  • bridges
  • access servers 
  • switches

A Cisco device enabled with CDP sends out periodic interface updates to a multicast address in order to make itself known to neighbors.

In a scenario, if you want to manipulate what IP address to see from a show cdp neighbors detail command i.e., to see the IP address of a specific VLAN. The CDP IP information will be sent through the lowest VLAN ID. The address advertised in CDP will be that of outgoing interface or the lowest VLAN interface.

For additional information, refer to Configuring CDP.



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