How to purge the CMR records if the third party CDR purge does not purge the CMR records in the Cisco CallManager 4.x


Wed, 07/01/2009 - 00:57
Jul 1st, 2009
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Normally, if the call detail record (CDR) is purged from the CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR) application, it automatically purges the call management record (CMR) or Database Layer/Aupair. This depends on the size of the CDR records. But, if there are some unassociated CMR records, the purge, especially any third party, is not always successful. In order to purge the unassociated CMR, run this query:

delete from CallDetailRecordDiagnostic where callIdentifier NOT IN(select destLegIdentifier as legId from CallDetailRecord UNION select origLegCallIdentifier as legid from CallDetailRecord)

It is also possible to run this in order to check the counts:

select count(*) from CallDetailRecordDiagnostic

All of the CMR records are stored under the CDR Database in the CallDetailRecordDiagnostic



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