Easy Steps to Configure and troubleshoot Attendant console Issues


Nov 26, 2009 2:04 PM
Nov 26th, 2009

1. Create an AC Application user called "ac'":

- Use password: 12345 (anything numeric)

- Assign the following permissions: "Standard CTI Allow Call Park

Monitoring", "Standard CTI Allow Control of All Devices" and "Standard CTI


2. Create an AC Application user called "ACDeviceAuthenticationUser'":

- Use password: 12345

- Associate all attendant phones with this user

3. Verify the following in the service parameter configuration page for

"Cisco Callmanager Attendant Console Server" service:

- "ac" for the JTAPI user

- "ACDeviceAuthenticationUser'" for Device Authentication Application

4. You need at least one AC application user:

- go to Application->Cisco Unified CM Attendant Console-> Cisco Unified CM
Attendant Console User

- create a new user with a different name than "ac'"

5. Make sure that you check the "Allow Control of Device from the CTI"
checkbox on the Phone Configuration window for each attendant phone.

6. Restart the Attendant Console Server and CTIManager service

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