Easy way to control a Cisco IP Phone remotely


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May 17th, 2009
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DISCLAIMER: This configuration note is offered "as is" and by no means represents any endorsement made by Cisco of any third party software vendor or third party software application. Cisco does not guarantee the reliability, stability, security, continuity or legitimacy of any non-Cisco product or application.

The following document describes how to control an IP Phone remotely using the Cisco TAPI Service Provider (TSP) desktop software and a TAPI softphone developed by Julmar Technologies. Controlling an IP phone remotely can be useful in certain situations, such as:

- Troubleshooting outbound/inbound call problems during off hours

- Troubleshooting caller id issues while no one is in the office

- Teaching a customer how to use an IP phone

- Verifying line button configuration

Sometimes, using the  Cisco IP Communicator softphone (CIPC) in some of the cases above, is not possible. With this procedure, you can control a phone without using an extra license on the UC500/CME device.

IMPORTANT: This configuration note assumes that IP connectivity exists (local or through VPN) between the PC running the Cisco TSP and the UC500 hosting the monitored IP Phone.


1) Download, install and configure the Cisco TSP software. The Cisco TSP can be found on the following location (Cisco.com login required):


http://www.cisco.com/cisco/software/release.html?mdfid=277641082&flowid=5337&softwareid=283451126&release=8.1&rellifecycle=&relind=AVAILABLE&reltype=latest (64 bit)

Notice that you need to download the TSP version that is compatible with your CME release. Latest CME releases are 7.0 and 7.1.

The installation procedure is very simple. You will need to provide the LAN IP address of your UC500 and the username/password used by the phone that you want to control. This username/password combination is the same that is configure by the Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA) under the "Users" tab.

2) Download and extract the TAPI Softphone provided by Julmar Technologies, from the following location:


After running the TAPI softphone, and assuming that the Cisco TSP has been configured properly, you will see a screen reflecting the actual lines and status of the monitored phone:


You can at this point control the phone as if you were manipulating it locally.