spollock Fri, 04/03/2009 - 20:18

Looking at the Berbee link provided, it references:

<snip> (this is only available on the LAN). By pointing url services to this url, the menu is displayed, and the user gets the choice of three options.
For completeness, I've included my url services line undertelephony-service.  url services

Which doesn't exist on my system.

Cowacella#show run | beg services  <----  ME

url services

url authentication

time-zone 5

voicemail 100

It appears, unknown to me, that there is another file system here other than flash:

I have no menu.xml that I can see.

I find no way to access this other file system.

I would like to create some services, berbee or custom.  Is there a guide for how to do this?

Steven Smith Mon, 04/06/2009 - 07:50

The is what someone is using.  He setups a server with that IP and XML file.

On the UC500.com link, there is a copy of the menu.xml file, but it is typed out.  Simply, he is changing where the phone looks for the xml file.  This file is not on the UC500 nor being served by the UC500.  He has some other server running this.

There are guides on how to create XML services on www.cisco.com.

This is a good starting point.