Call Accounting & Reporting Software for CME and the UC500


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Jan 11th, 2009
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Call Accounting/CDR are available with the UC500, based on existing CME feature.
CME GUI has a call history report, not very feature rich but will
tell you calls though the system.

Today customer has a number of choice choices;

1) Use a External FTP server or store on flash memory* (Easy and Reliable implementation)
You can configure the UC500 / CME to store CDR's on the UC500 in a CSV file.
This CSV file can the be uploaded of the box using FTP and manipulated as required

* writing data to flash is not recommended since UC520 flash is only 128M and is near full at this point

Setup & Configuration Guide

2) Use a External Syslog Server (Easy Implementation)
You can deploy a separate Syslog server/PC to collect the CDR Records.
You can monitor call activity information through syslog messages and call detail records (CDR).
Setup & Configuration Guide

Use a External Radius Server (Advanced Implementation)
You can deploy a separate Radius server/PC to collect the CDR Records.
These records could then be
exported to Excel or some database application and create/run reports for their use:
Setup & Configuration Guide
Sample Configuration
Sample CDRs

4) Use a 3rd party billing tool that integrates with Cisco e.g.

Tri-Line - TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise, - Cisco IVT tested and approved

StoneVoice ( -  Officially supported on UC500

CAAB/TSA  ( - Australian Company

Calltrak ( - Australian Company

Veramark Call Accounting Software, VeraSMART (

Other Reports Account/Reporting (Subsets of calls)

1) Use CUE historial reporting

Note: Only calls that go to CUE (e.g the Auto Attendant) will be reported on.

2) Use BACD reporting

Note: Only calls that go thru BACD (e.g the Call Queueing) will be reported on.

Basic Setup Guide

Setup & Configuration Guide

Excel Macro for Reporting - Download ( ID required )

Kenneth McCoig Tue, 06/14/2011 - 15:28
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Does anyone know if the 3rd party packages suggested above or any other tool for that matter, provide account code verification? We are looking for something that will prompt the user on outgoing calls to enter an account code, then have it verify the code to make sure its valid, and if so let the call dial out.

Any help is appreciated.



Georgios Baxevanis Tue, 07/19/2011 - 06:05
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Does anyone know if there is a way to send live TAPI events from a UC560 to a third party solution instead of CDR's.

dbaker85749 Fri, 03/30/2012 - 15:26
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I just found out about the very best Call Accounting software in the market.

It is from Somm told me about it.

Cheap and it sells CME systems.


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