UCCX data restore fails with the error message "Fail to update CRS Config Datastore primary state in node 1"


Tue, 09/28/2010 - 22:07
Sep 27th, 2010
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When trying to perform data restore on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 7.x server, the operation fails and the following error message appears in the MCVD logs.

CST %MCVD-BAR_CLIENT-7-UNK:process restore message:
FailureResponse id=2, archiveId=CRS_1229463411746_, errorCode=NETWORK_CONNECTION_ERROR,
statusMessage=Unable to contact Call Manager. Please make sure that the Call Manager is
running and connected to the network

com.cisco.archive.impl.component.cluster.ClusterArchiveComponent; nested exception is:
    com.cisco.archive.ArchiveException: Fail to update CRS Config Datastore primary state in
node 1
; nested exception is:  java.lang.NullPointerException


  1. In the UCCX server, go to Start > Run,  type CET.bat and press Enter.
  2. Click No at the warning about the  use of  this tool.
  3. In the left-hand pane, double-click on this  Configuration Object Type:com.cisco.crs.cluster.config.ComponentConfig
  4. In the right hand pane, find the CRS Config Datastore record, and double  click it to open.
  5. Select the tab com.cisco.crs.cluster.config.DBComponentConfig
  6. On the DBComponentConfig tab, check if the Primary Datastore Flag set to  false. If so, set this value to True and click .
  7. Restart CRS Node Manager through Windows Services, and retry the Restore operation. 

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