Login to the CRS Appadmin fails with the Error Message "The Cisco JTAPI Client versions are inconsistent"


Tue, 09/28/2010 - 22:08
Sep 28th, 2010


When  trying to log in to the CRS Admin Webpage, the following message is received:

"The Cisco JTAPI Client versions are inconsistent. Please go to Cisco JTAPI Resync in the Unified CM Telephony Subsystem to install the Cisco JTAPI Client."

Then, when trying sync the JTAPI client, this error appears:

"An error has occured while trying to resynchronize the Cisco JTAPI Client.  Please try Cisco JTAPI Resync in Cisco Unified CCX Administration again."


This error occurs because the JTAPI versions for UCCX and CUCM are not compatible. The system compares the JTAPI version running on UCCX and CUCM and if the versions mismatch, the error message is shown. Check the relevant compatibility matrix at
http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/custcosw/ps1846/products_device_support_tables_list.html  to find the version compatibility between UCCX CUCM. If you run the supported versions, this issue should not happen.

As a possible workaround, you can manually enter the JTAPI version in UCCX, to make the system believe it is running the correct version. Perform these steps:

  1. Check the JTAPI running in CUCM at Cisco Unified Reporting > Unified CM Component Version. Click on View Details and look for the cm-jtapi-plugin.
  2. In the UCCX server, go to Start > Run, type CET.bat and press Enter.
  3. Click No at the warning about the use of  this tool.
  4. Click on the ClusterDependentConfig on the left pane on CET tool.
  5. Double click on the first entry of the right side. Click on the second tab.
  6. Change the value of JTAPI Version to the CUCM JTAPI version.
  7. Click OK in order for the changes to take  effect. Close the CET tool.   
  8. Restart CRS Node Manager through Windows Services.

Note: If you have installed the UCCX on vmware, then also this issue can happen.

This document was generated from the following thread: UCXX 5.0.2 and Call Manager 7.1.5 ,, JTAPI inconsistent message



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