SPA IP Phone: Extracting Configuration with spacfg.xml


Nov 23, 2010 8:41 AM
Nov 23rd, 2010

Extracting a Configured Phone's Configuration


If you already have a configured and working phone, you can use the spacfg.xml command to display, in a browser, the phone's configuration. You can use this browser output as input for the xml configuration file. For example: Using Google's Chrome use the following URL:




Copy and paste the contents of the browser into a file named for the MAC address of the phone. For example: spa002584d8d147.xml.


Note: Use the View Source menu option for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.


Forcing a Phone to Retrieve a Configuration


At some point in time, you will need to force a previously deployed and operational phone to retrieve a specific configuration. If you have an error in a phone's configuration profile, this is an easy way to direct the phone to the appropriate configuration. The phone will retrieve the configuration and subsequently update its profile rule. Here is how you can achieve this.


Force a phone to update its Provisioning tab > Configuration Profile > Profile Rule.




Rebooting a Remote Phone


It is often more efficient to reboot a phone via the network. This will cause the phone to reboot and request the file specified in its Profile Rule. Here is how to accomplish this:




Note: You cannot force a phone resync if the Admin access has been disabled in a profile.


Note: you cannot factory reset a password protected phone if you do not have its admin password.


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