Intregrating C-Series servers with UCS 1.4.1 and above


Apr 21, 2015 11:37 PM
Feb 7th, 2011
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UCS 1.4.1 document covering C-series rack integration into UCSM. This covers the hardware requirements, configurations and show commands to setup C-series rack integration into UCSM.

In the UCS (1.4.X) release, the N2248T Fabric Extenders will connect via their uplink ports (4 ports  on  the  far  right  of  the  chassis)  to  any  10G  fixed  port  on  the  6100.  In  UCS,  these  are configured as “Server Ports” in the GUI and CLI interfaces. This is identical to how the existing IOM ports connect.


For more information watch this video about integrating C-series servers with UCS.


New features introduced for CIMC/KVM IP in UCS 1.4.1
Configuring LDAP AD for UCS 1.4.1 and above

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