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Mar 18th, 2011
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1.     Can you configure Userwise or IPwise different internet access policy? Different users get different set of internet access.

The SA500 will allow you to designated trusted users by IP address.  These users will bypass the Protectlink URL filtering and will be able to access any site they wish.

.    Live Traffic View – like which user is accessing which website LIVE. So that accordingly administrator can do policies control.

You can configure the SA500 to generate syslog messages when a site is blocked.  Similarly you can get historical reports of blocked sites from the Protectlink web portal.  I do not believe there is any facility to obtain live notifications of URLs where access was permitted.

3.     Reports – which sites were accessed by which user date wise.

As above, reports are available for blocked sites.

   On IPS we should get granular control on applications such as CHAT, P2P, and Torrents etc. So that accordingly administrator can do policies control.

You have the ability to control applications based on the protocol used (bitorrent, eDonkey, MSN, jabber etc).



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