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Oct 14, 2011 8:50 AM
Oct 14th, 2011

"I have a UCCX 8.0.2 HA setup that was installed in a LAN environment (HAoLAN). I now need to change that to a WAN setup (HAoWAN). A good document would be great. Thanks."

See this document:


Search for "Switching Network Deployment from LAN to WAN" - which was page 74 as at 14/10/2011.

Thus far, this has the most detailed info I've seen on the matter.

Below is the discussions which lead to the updated document being produced by Cisco's document team.


For information about HA Deployment over WAN, see these sections of the 8.0.1 Installation Guide PDF:


This related information might also be useful:

  • WAN/LAN Restrictions 


  • Expected Behaviour During a Failover


Please let us know if these docs provide the information you need.


Hi Linda,

We have viewed the installaion guide and SRND. We have built the HA, but it is as a LAN enviroment. The customer now wants to configure it as a WAN enviroment. The problem we have is we are not sure how to remove the backup server in a safe manner without causing problems and then reintroduce it as a WAN HA server.

None of the documents I have viewed tell me how to do this.



Hi Rod,

Very sorry for the churn on this issue.  I contacted the product team again, who replied that the info you need is on page 76 of the 8.5.1 Installation Guide.

Switching Network Deployment from LAN to WAN


If this is still not the information you need, please contact me directly (h2ohouse@cisco.com).  Again, very sorry for the churn.


Hi Linda,

Thanks for the help.

We eventually had to raise a TAC case.

We understood the removal of server from cluster, but what we found was it did not remove any CTI ports from CUCM.

When we tried to add a new server it still held on to some info from the previous IP/Hostname, and the rebuild took 8hrs +.

Then when trying to remove CTI ports manually the Call Group was deleted, removing all ports and triggers from CUCCX.

This is a better document although it is meant for 8.5, but there are are still not enough steps/clarity of how to progress, and nothing if any problems arise. I think from the outcome of our TAC case that some new structure should/will be added for future.

All is now OK with the server recreated as a WAN setup.

Thanks again


Hi Rod,

I'm sorry that the doc didn't have enough detail to avoid a call to TAC - that's always our goal.  Thanks very much for taking the time to describe the customer's experience and provide feedback on how the doc and overall process can be improved.

I have forwarded your feedback to the UCCX tech doc, software engineering, and QA teams.



Is the updated documentation referred to now available? We have the same situation here where an HA pair was built for LAN deployment but we now need to change it to WAN deployment.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your inquiry. We checked with the documentation team about this issue and they are researching it. Sorry not to have an answer now, but we should have an update early next week.



Hilde, any update on when that documenation will be available?

Hi Vincent,

We've been in contact with the documentation team and they are working towards releasing a revised version by September 30th. Appreciate your patience!



Is the documentation available yet? Our customer is chasing us for an update.



Hi Vincent,

We are checking with the documentation team for a status on the revised version, apologies for the delay. As soon as I hear, I'll send an update.



Is there any update on this documentation yet? We need to at least give our customer an update, we've already let them down twice on the expected time because we were advised that it would be ready and then told that it wasn't.

Also, do you have an email address or another means of contacting you, or the documentation team directly? It seem to me that this forum isn't the best way to chase up document release.



Hi Vincent,

We understand your frustration and probably should not have specified a timeframe with something that wasn’t under our control. However, the doc team and developer have already developed some information and are closing in on the rest, and seem to now understand the urgency. From what we understand, they are working to provide a complete solution and have been working with their SME for a thorough review.
We’ll check to see if we can put you directly in touch with the doc group – some groups have different policies on this but maybe they could provide information to you directly.



Hi Janel/Vincent/anyone,

I'm booked in to perform exactly this task in 2 weeks time, on our HA cluster which our integrator accidentally deployed as HAoLAN.

I would greatly appreciate a copy of the new doco if it's ready please.



Hi Rod,

You said "the rebuild took 8hrs +"...

Do you believe the process could be done quicker than this given the right prep? Or is it a case of there is so much manual business that it is unavoidable?

Do you have a breakdown of the steps you took to get the changeover resolved (and what TAC did to assist)?

You also said "When we tried to add a new server it still held on to some info from the previous IP/Hostname" - I'm assuming you used a new hostname and IP? We are wanting to change our deployment to HAoWAN (our integrator accidentally deployed as  HAoLAN) - but there will be no IP address or hostname change (will be rebuilt with same ip/hostname but just selecting WAN instead of LAN). What are your thoughts on this?

Any info you have on the process would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Brett and Vincent,

Please send you your contact information (email and phone) by email through Cisco Support Community and I'll connect you with the Documentation Manager.



Hi Brett,

Our rebuild did take 8+ hours but we did discover a duplex mismatch

later when opretionally it was poor.

I could only assume that this was the cause of the excessive time and

could be greatly reduced.

We did change the hostname and IP address, but I think the process would

still be the same even if you keep the name and IP address the same.

When we deleted the server it failed to remove the existing CTI ports,

and the implications of removing them manually caused confusion. When

rebuilding the new server we added the new ports and got it functional.

TAC was involved but actually removed our whole group, and not just the

ports, so we had to manually rebuild.

There have been a few problems, and I think that if there was a well

documented step by step guide that we wouldn't have had the problems we


Good luck, and hopefully you'll get a guide to make it pain free.


Rod Fawns

Network Specialist

Cable&Wireless Worldwide

Mobile:       +44(0)7787152929

Web www.cw.com


Did you get my contact details? Did you pass them on to the documentation manager? I still haven't heard anything and our customer is chasing again for an update.


Have you heard anything from them regarding this?

Hi Vincent,
Thanks for letting me know. When I received your email earlier this week, I sent it along the the same day.

Last night I received notification from the documentation team that they updated and reposted the Installation Guide at: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cust_contact/contact_center/crs/express_8_0/installation/guide/uccx801ig.pdf.

I hope the update meets your customer requirements!

Thanks for your patience,



Thank you!

Have you told Brett as well?

It might also be an idea to edit the forum discussion to remove all of the update entries and just post the link to the updated doc.

I’m in the middle of something else this afternoon but I’ll have a read through it when I get time and hopefully it’ll contain all the necessary info.

Thanks for your help with this,


Great idea, Vincent! I'm also sending an email to Brett now.

Hi Vincent,

I was monitoring this thread and now have the doco also.

Thanks for the heads up.

Will see what happens and post back any additional info I can.



Hi Janel,

I have the document now - thanks a lot for escalating our query and posting back so quickly.

Will see if the document is specific enough and post back any additonal info I may come across, in my attempts.



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