802.11 Wireless Sniffing (Packet Capture)


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Oct 24th, 2011
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In order to understand how and why 802.11 (WiFi) devices behave as they do, it is invaluable to perform a wireless packet capture ("sniffer".)  This can be especially important when working with Cisco TAC to resolve a technical problem.  The following articles will help you to choose and use a wireless sniffer.

Additionally, there are several commercially available wireless sniffer products:

  • OmniPeek from WildPackets
  • AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer from Fluke
  • CommView for WiFi from TamoSoft
  • AirPcap from Riverbed (formerly CACE)

When providing Cisco TAC with wireless packet captures, please supply them in a format that is readable by current Wireshark, and that includes 802.11 meta data (RSSI, channel, data rate) - such as OmniPeek (Airopeek) or Netmon 2.0 format.



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