Error:- CDAUI2000 An error has occurred. Contact technical support in UCCX 7.x


Nov 24, 2011 2:19 AM
Nov 24th, 2011


With the Cisco Communications Manager Express (CME) deployment, when you  click the VOIP Monitoring Device tab in the web based Cisco  Desktop Administrator gets error:-

CDAUI2000 An error has occurred. Contact technical support.


Please follow the below steps in order to troubleshoot the error

  • Login to the Cisco CME router (through a hyper terminal or  telnet session) and enter the username and password.

  • Enter enable to Turn on the Privilege command.

  • Press the Return key.

  • You are prompted to authenticate your session; enter password: enable.

  • Press the Return key.

  • Enter Configure t.

  • Press the Return key (You enter the configuration mode  and are allowed to do the configuration changes on the CME router  through the terminal).

  • Execute the following commands to increase the buffer size from  4K to 64K:

    • ixi transport http
    • response size 64
    • no shutdown
    • request outstanding 1

  • Execute the write command on the CME router. This will  write the existing configuration details to the memory, network, or  terminal.

  • Launch the web based Cisco Desktop Administrator.

  • Go to: Services Configuration > Silent Monitoring and  Recording > VOIP Monitor Device.

  • After making the above changes, the phone devices should  be listed under VOIP Monitor Device.

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