Unified Ports and GUI Enhancements


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Jan 9th, 2012
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This module discusses the new Unified Ports found in the 6200 series Fabric Interconnect as well as some of the new GUI features introduced in UCSM version 2.0.


Unified Ports

Unified ports are ports on the 6200 series fabric interconnect that can be configured to carry either Ethernet or Fibre Channel traffic. These ports are not reserved. They cannot be used by a Cisco UCS domain until you configure them. The port mode determines whether a unified port on the fabric interconnect is configured to carry Ethernet or Fibre Channel traffic. By default, unified ports changed to Ethernet port mode are set to uplink Ethernet port type. unified ports changed to Fibre Channel port mode are set to the Fibre Channel uplink port type. Fibre Channel ports cannot be unconfigured.

r.heitmann Tue, 12/15/2015 - 06:47
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just as a addon for the UCS "Mini" FI

6324 (Mini) - first ports FC
Ports 1.. FC
Ports ..4 ETH
6248 (Classic) - first ports ETH
Ports 1.. Eth
Ports ..32 FC


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