UC320W Firmware Release Information


Feb 6, 2012 8:35 AM
Feb 6th, 2012

UC320W Firmware Information


General Availability:

This software has undergone full product testing and is made available to the full UC320W user base.  Available on cisco.com (CCO) and annouced on the UC300 Support Community.

Release Candidate:

This software has undergone internal product testing and is made available for early adoptors to test in their labs and later in friendly customer systems.  Typically made available only via a Platform Modification FIle (PMF) and announced on the UC300 Support Community.  Release Candidate participants are strongly encourage to upgrade to the General Availablity release when made available. 

Limited Deployment:

This software has undergone targeted testing focusing on the changed software.  Initial release of the software is made available via a PMF and announced on the UC300 Support Community.  Cisco may make this software more widely available without requiring a PMF at a later time.

Firmware Release Annoucements (newest to oldest):

Release version
(link to release announcement)
2.3.3(4)Limited Deployment: 2.3.2(6) + Bug fixes
2.3.2(6)General Availability release of 2.3 feature release.
2.3.1(14)Release Candidate of 2.3
2.2.3(5)Limited Deployment:  2.2.2(1) + Bug fixes
2.2.2(1)General Availibility release of 2.2 feature release.
2.2.1Release Candidate of 2.2 -- replaces 2.2.0
2.2.0(17)Firmware removed.  Users encouraged to upgrade higher release.
2.1.5(0)Limited Deployment:  2.1.4(3) + Bug fixes
2.1.4(3)Limited Deployment:  2.1.3(0) + Bug fixes  -- RECOMMENDED for all customers -- no PMF required
2.1.3(0)Limited Deployment:  2.1.2 + Bug fixes
2.1.2General Availability:  2.1.1 + critical fix to work with Adobe Flash Player 11
2.1.1General Availability:  Upgrading from any release below this requires 2 stage upgrade

NOTE:  If you are having problems logging in or upgrading from firmware versions below 2.1.2, you may be experiencing the Adobe Flash Player version 11 incompatibility with pre-2.1.2 firmware issue.  Click the link for workaround.

Region Packs

If applicable, a region pack may need to be applied after upgrading to the latest firmware.  Check the Region Packs community document for updates.

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