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Feb 23, 2012 2:51 PM
Feb 23rd, 2012

In order to get the most automated process for adding new agents both the Bulk Insert and Bulk Edit functions are required utilizing Person and Agent tables.

1)      Bulk Insert – Person

     a.       Import the Person file

2)      Bulk edit – Person

     a.       Export the Person file

          i.      All you need in the export is the Person ID and the Name for reference

3)      Excel

     a.       Open Agent file and Person file in Excel

     b.      Sort the Person ID and name in the Person file so it matches how you want them to line up with the Agent records in the Agent file

     c.       Select and Copy the Person IDs from the Person ID column in the Person file

     d.      Paste the Person IDs into the Person ID column in the Agent file

4)      Bulk Insert – Agent

     a.       Import the modified agent file with the Person IDs now populated

     b.      All required fields are now populated automatically and can be saved.

There are some other details when creating the Person File and the Agent File to use for import.

1)      You must use values that are valid for the system and the field or it will leave the field blank

2)      An easy way to get the right file structure is to first Export an existing entry from the Person and Agent tables using the Bulk Edit export function.

     a.       This serves as a model for your new Person and Agent file records.

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Comments Sat, 05/19/2012 - 15:30

I have created an application that can take a list of ACD agent names (peripheralnumbers,lastname,firstname) and bulk creates/changes the first/lastname of existing ICM agents.  This was created to change ICM agent names when Agent-Reporting is  enabled on Cisco ICM and  the agent names are auto-generated with F1234  and L1234. If you have a need to change firstname,lastname of existing  ICM agents in order to show agent names in Cisco Webview reports let me  know.


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