Sending alarms as SNMP traps from WCS to SNMP server

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Jul 5th, 2012

Hi team,

I am currently working on configuring our Cisco Wireless control system to forward alarms as SNMP traps to Notification/SNMP servers.

In WCS (Administration-> Settings -> Severity configuration), among several alarm conditions there are 2 conditions related to access points’ radio interfaces down which I would like to know more about.

Could you please let me know the difference between the alarm conditions “AP radio interface down due to failure” and “Radio administratively up and operationally down” (and when exactly they occur)? Also, could you please let me know the alert types for these 2 alerts? I think the alert type for “Radio administratively up and operationally down” is LRADIF_DOWN.

Could you please help me here?



I have this problem too.
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