Cisco experts engage in discussions with you, our members, on specific networking issues. Each event runs for a two-week period.
Welcome to this Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to ask questions about Cisco IM and Presence to Nagajothi Thangapandian and Sathishbabu Muthalagan. Ask questions from Monday November 2nd to Friday...
Ended November 13, 2015
Welcome to this Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation.  This is an opportunity to learn and any ask questions aboutCisco Data Center Overlays with focus on VXLAN (Virtual Extensible Local Area Network) to Vishal Mehta  and Pranav Doshi...
Ended October 30, 2015
  This session will provide an opportunity to learn and ask questions about Cisco Catalyst Switches IOS architecture, and how to troubleshoot any unexpected reboots and other errors on switches. Ask questions from Monday, October 5 to Friday, ...
Ended October 16, 2015
Cisco's technical support experts and Distinguished Support Engineers share their knowledge and perspectives with fellow Cisco Support Community members with webcasts.
October 20th
September 15th
July 8th

Expert Interviews

Meet John Blakley, Cisco Designated VIP 2013-2015
“I like puzzles, and solving someone’s problem in the forums is like doing a puzzle!”.

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At Cisco Live Milan 2015 Cisco's EIR Program Manager for Europe Martin Bittner talks with Customer Development Manager Kirsty Craig from Graphmasters. This company is one of the startups selected to join Cisco's EIR program this year.