Error while installing any firmware in CUCM 6.0.1

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8月 15th, 2010
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When i try to install any firmware on CUCM 6.0.1, it's give me

Error encountered: The selected file is not valid. MD5 Hash Value: 99:d4:fa:6f:c7:58:2e:9f:b3:94:0c:2a:72:b9:5c:63

i checked the MD5 Value of the file and it's the same and i tried with different files for another phones, but the result is the same.

I have this problem too.
ymorishi 2010/08/17 - 01:23
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CUCM 6.0(1a) does not support 7942 and 7962. If you use 6.0(1a), you need to upgrade CUCM to 6.0(1b).

Release Notes for Cisco Unified Communications  Manager Release 6.0(1a)

Release Notes for Cisco Unified Communications  Manager Release 6.0(1b)

CUCM 6.0.1 is old version. I strongly recommend to upgrade CUCM to latest.

Please note, if you upgrade phone firmware from earilier than 8.3(3), you need to upgrade to 8.5(2) at once.


For all SCCP firmware upgrades from  firmware release versions earlier than 8.3(3) to version 8.5(2)SR1 or  greater, you must first upgrade your firmware to version 8.5(2). Once  you have upgraded to version 8.5(2), you can upgrade your IP Phone to  version 8.5(2)SR1 or later.


Lastly, this support community page mainly uses Japanese language. You can write with Japanese on this page.

If you will post any questions with English, I recommend to post to English support community.