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8月 26th, 2010

I am trying to use the IP Communicator ( with another application in order to generate SIP (&SDP) test traffic.

I would like to set up a CIPC on a laptop and configure it for a specific SIP parameters and a specific codex (actually two)..

Phone number does not need be registered as there will be no one calling the soft phone and recieving end will accept any number called.

Do need to configure SIP parameters foe each test, but TFTP server and CallManager may not be available to configure the phone.

I have tried using the loopback address for a co-hosted TFTP server, but it does not seem to work.

* Is there some way to set and manage the CIPC phone configuration for SIP locally?

Unfortunately, my current CIPC laptop installation is the default using SCCP protpocol, and I cannot seem to change it.

The tech support who installed it are temporarily unavailable, and I do not have access to the MSI or their Call Manager (which is 4.x and may not work anyway).

We can switcth to another SIP-capable product, but it would not match the traffic we are trying to emulate as well as the CIPC does....

I have this problem too.
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Shigeomi Shibata 2010/08/27 - 03:17

HI Wayne,

As CiscoJapanModerator answered, you may find some clue on global support community.

But I want to let you know my ideas ...
As you may know, I am afraid but CIPC is hardly used as a standalone SIP client.

Because it is modeled after CP-7970, i.e. is designed as software emulated hardware phone.

So it uses same start-up routine and requires same configuration files from TFTP server.

Then running CIPC without CUCM, it would be very complicated.

And of course it is not officially supported.

I found somthing good to read from the net about start-up routine of Cisco IP phone.


>We can switcth to another SIP-capable product

Yes, I recommend to do so. You can find many other SIP clients from the NET.